KS1 - Keep active

Hi, here are some ideas and suggestions to keep you and your children active over the next couple of weeks. It’s important that children exercise daily, however you should always ensure that children are supervised whilst exercising and can take part safely. If you have any suggestions or activities that you would like to share with others, please let us know.

Click on the following links to find many varied activities that the whole family can enjoy.

See also the following websites:

PE with Joe Wicks every morning 9:00

BBC supermovers – encourages activity with curriculum linked videos

Go Noodle – movement and mindfulness videos

To Other ideas for how to stay active during lockdown:

Reception and KS 1

  • Alphabet activity game - see attached
  • Roll a dice for fitness -  see attached  
  • Hopscotch  (see below) or adapt for rolling a ball onto a specified number, count scores.
  • Balancing and jumping over a taped floor (see below)
  • Indoor bowling (see below) or adapt and place the cups on their side facing you, can you roll the ball into the cup?
  • Boccia (use different coloured rolls of socks instead of balls)
  • Create your own activity circuit (use house hold items such as chairs, tables, cushions)
  • Parachute games (use a sheet)
  • Hold your own sports day: Egg (or pebble) & spoon, sack race (use pillow cases) obstacle race

See you soon, keep well, keep safe, keep active!

Mrs Ellis


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