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Welcome to Year 1

Autumn Term - Year 1

Mrs Setchell (Tigers) and 

Miss Springham(Lions)


If you go down to the woods today …’ll find 60 Lions and Tigers!!!

Welcome to the new Year 1 Tigers and Lions classes! Our theme this term is INTO THE WOODS, with lots of imaginative story making, teddy bears picnics, Forest School activities on Robinswood Hill, Percy the P ark Keeper and Goldilocks and the Three Bears – we will even be hunting for the Gruffalo and the Stick Man in the second half of the term! As our children graduate from their Reception year, we’ll be encouraging their independence and problem solving skills in readiness for the challenges of this important year. By the end of this term, children will be writing more complex sentences and have increased their range of numeracy skills. Children will also experience less free flow and more structure during lessons - but they’ll still enjoy an abundance of practical activities, experiential learning and exciting themes.

This term is going to be great fun and we know all our Lions and Tigers are ROARING to go!

Summer Term

This term we are learning about films, stories, technology, TV characters and music from the 1990s, i.e.: Toy Story, Thumbelina, Brum, The Channel Tunnel and Rosie and Jim, video vs CD and fashion.

Our Literacy will take the form of both fiction and non-fiction writing, learning genres such as imaginative story writing, instructions, non-chronological and chronological reports and recounts of things we and others have done. We’re learning very grownup terminology like prefixes, suffixes, commas and apostrophes, contractions, conjunctions, adjectives and verbs!

Numeracy is extremely jam packed this term! With practical problem solving involving time, capacity, weight and measure, plus more mental problem solving and reasoning including learning to count in 2s 3s, 5s and 10s, partitioning 100s, 10s and 1s, multiplication, division, doubling, halving and continuing our recall facts of 10 and 20 bonds.

In other curricular areas, we’ll learn about the UK, France and Scotland, plant and grow seeds, make and bake food, study artists and reproduce creative techniques, learn lots of new songs and dance routines and develop our games skills on the field. We have a Football coach for 6 weeks, external Gymnastics tuition and will go on trips to extend our experiences.