Year 3 testing the hardness, acidity, permeability of ‘alien’ rocks! #scienceweek

Bon Voyage!

Bonjour from the Year 3 class.


We had a wonderful surprise on the first day of term as we were told by our Pen pal 'Deb' that we would be going on a ferry to visit Calais, France on the 1st April. Our teacher told us it wasn’t an April Fool! We were so excited and some of us a little worried.


To get on the ferry we have had to pass our challenges to collect our passport stamps.

Our first challenge was to learn about the geography of Dover and Calais. We used maps, atlases and online mapping tools to identify the countries and oceans in Europe and looked at the physical and human features of the areas. We made sketch maps using keys and then made our very own model, which we painted to show the landforms we could see.  


Our second challenge was to learn about the battle of Dunkirk. We had a fascinating time learning about what sources we can trust and how soldiers, women and the children would have felt during this time.


Right were off to practice our French, Au revoir!

Year 3 - The Glorious Glosters! Autumn term 2019/20

We have had a very exciting start to Year 3 as we had a visit from the Sheriff of Gloucester. She told us all about her job and we even got to wear her golden necklace. She then told us we were becoming cadets and she set us our first challenge.

We have had a great time undertaking our Snazzy Sculptor badge, where we have been creating sculptures based on the work by Lynn Chadwick. He created abstract sculptures of people and animals out of steel and bronze, so we have had a go at designing and making them out of clay. 

We can’t wait to see what our next challenge will be!

Year 3 planting daffodil bulbs as part of their Wildlife Wizard badge!

October 2019 - We visited 'Home Farm' to learn all about the food chain.