Year 3 Rubies have spent the day thinking about how to be positive! They all joined in with a positive dance and got their bodies moving. ?? Then they wrote a poem all about what makes them feel happy and loved. They found out that they all love eating different foods, such as pizza, bananas and omelettes. They also found out that being at school makes them all feel happy. ?? #WellbeingWednesday

Welcome to Rubies class!

This term in Year 3 Rubies we are learning all about different animals. This half-term, we are trying to get a class pet. Every fortnight, we are looking at a different animal, and examining their pros and cons. So far, we have researched dogs! We would love to get a dog, because they are cute, fluffy and always happy. However, they are expensive to buy and look after. Soon, we will be researching cats, small pets and guinea pigs. We can't wait to find out what pet we will get! 

After the half-term, we will be researching wild, endangered animals, in the hope of adopting one! Each fortnight we will be looking at a different area of the world, and the animals in that area. We are excited to analyse the pros and cons, and choose a wild animal to adopt.