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Coney Crusaders

This term we are all working together, as Coney Crusaders to help our local area. CC19 visited us to give us our first mission, which was to respect our outdoor area. We decided to recycle old wellies, brighten up our outdoor area and provide plants for pollinators. We have worked hard filling the boots with gravel, soil and planting over 200 plants! The finished welly wall looks amazing and we are looking forward to watching it grow. We can’t wait to find out about our next mission!

Through the Ages



 On the first day back, Emeralds had a very exciting visitor. It was a time traveller called Professor Weasel who had visited in her Tardis. She was from the future in 5019, but had been to many different eras collecting artefacts to take back to the children of the future, to teach them all about the past.

She brought us some interesting artefacts and set us a challenge to find out what era they were from, who would have used them and what they would have been used for.


We realised she visited the Stone Age and it has been great learning and seeing where and how our ancestors lived particularly on our trip to Cheddar Caves and Gorge.


We can’t wait to see what artefacts she will bring us next!