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Sail Away With Me

Year 4 are off on a boat trip!

We don’t know where or how but we are definitely off on a boat to somewhere in the world!

Year 4 will be investigating boats and countries to help us make a sensible choice of boat and destination….

We have already visited our local docks and found out about different types of boat such as sail boats , ferries, canoes and gondolas!

The first country we have investigated is Italy! We discovered that the capital city is Rome, pasta and pizza are popular Italian dishes and the country is shaped like a high heeled boot!

This week we have been looking at Ireland, which is apparently nicknamed The Emerald Isle, because of it’s wide expanses of lush, green fields!

          Wish us luck and Bon Voyage!!!! 

 If we work hard we will be having a time travelling treat…wish us luck!!


File icon: pdf Overview Autumn 17 [pdf 98KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year 4 Home learning Tasks [pdf 276KB] Click to download