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Spring term 2019

This term, Year 5 are teaming up with Carbon Footprint UK to help educate the next generation of children in forest and wildlife conservation. They have a busy term ahead of them which include: two trips to local forests to learn more about forest life, orienteering and map work; a visit from a butterfly conservation charity to learn about the life cycles and food chains of insets; making bird feeders and mini-beast hotels for pre-school; replacing the preschool fencing with 140 hedge saplings donated by Carbon Footprint UK and creating and publishing a mini-beast e-book for preschool children using computing skills. 


Wow! What a busy term they have ahead of them!

Redwood trip January 2019

Autumn term 2018

Year 5 have been selected by the Cheltenham Science Group to take part in a Science board game competition where they have to make a Game that quizzes other children on four chosen areas of a Science. On Monday 10 September the children had a whole day science work shop from Dave at Cheltenham a Science Group, which was enjoyed by all. The class will receive fortnightly visits from Dave as each area of their Science board game is revealed, in addition to weekly messages with extra tasks they have to complete. The winning team will be the class team that has the most impressive board game and have earned the most points for attendance as well as resilience, team work and  creativity. It’s going to be an exciting time! The winning team will be present step with a Science prize from the Cheltenham Science Group in December.