Blog on!

This term, year 6 have taken over the Coney Hill Website for their theme "Blog On!" Every two weeks, the Mayor of Gloucester will be setting them a new project which will then be displayed on this blog. They will be using lots of different forms of technology to present their work and findings, whilst also working in teams and pairs in order to produce their best work. Stay tuned!

Task One - Design an informative poster that persuades people to stay at home to keep people safe during the pandemic,

Lucie's poster!

For their first project, children had to design a poster to persuade people to stay at home during the pandemic.


Children had to include key "buzz" words about the virus and make it vivid and colourful.


Mrs Rickaby then took all of the posters in and picked 5 winners.


Children were able to show off their creative skills with this first task. It was a very hard choice for our judge Mrs Rickaby!


Our famous five were so excited to show off their hard work!