Pre-school have created an incredible volcano, made of lots of different materials.


Our New Reception class are having a super week and are now staying for lunch too! #newHillers #Hillersintraining

Year 1

The Y1 children acted out acts of kindness for #wellbeingwednesday

Year 2 

Our Year 2 class made secret kindness cards and learnt to talk and listen carefully to their friends #WellbeingWednesday

Year 3 

Year 3 Rubies have spent the day thinking about how to be positive! They all joined in with a positive dance and got their bodies moving. ?? Then they wrote a poem all about what makes them feel happy and loved. They found out that they all love eating different foods, such as pizza, bananas and omelettes. They also found out that being at school makes them all feel happy. ?? #WellbeingWednesday

Year 4

Wellbeing in Year 4! Yoga, gongs and oil pastel art to make a big picture #wellbeingwednesday

Year 5 

The Year 5 Sapphires had fun and learned about working as a team today whilst playing board games. They made rice crispy cakes and also created a display showing our worries floating away #wellbeingwednesday

Year 6

Year 6 listened to David Bowie tand then had to tell each other after how it made them feel. They also found time to learn a feelings song with Maketon sign language! #WellbeingWednesday