Pre-school have created an incredible volcano, made of lots of different materials.


Reception class practiced their letter formations by painting their names using their fingers.

Year 1

Our travelling gnome visited the Queen in London and invited her back to school for afternoon tea!

Year 2 

Turtles class enjoyed making tasty vegetable pizzas!

Year 3 

On 'Wellbeing Wednesday' Year 3 focused and relaxed by drawing still life pictures.

Year 4

On 'Wellbeing Wednesday' Year 4 took part in some relaxing activities including yoga.

Year 5 

Mindfulness colouring and relaxing glitter filled bottles were enjoyed by Year 5 on 'Wellbeing Wednesday'.

Year 6

Some of our Year 6 girls are promoting 'Girls active' across the school. We're really proud of them, watch this space for more updates.