SEND and The Hive - Mrs Sue Jones

Sue Jones is the SENDCo at Coney Hill Community Primary School. Her role includes overseeing SEND provision throughout the school and supporting pupils, parents, carers and teaching staff.

Mrs Jones co-ordinates provision for pupils with SEND and a class called 'The Hive'. The Hive class is used to help achieve the best outcomes for these children. We also have a brilliantly equipped sensory room.

If you would like to meet with Mrs Jones please contact the school office to make an appointment.


The Hive - discovering how craters were made on the moon! #scienceweek #proudtobeaHiller

The Hive - designing and making parachutes and landing capsules for the egg aliens! #scienceweek

The Hive Class

We made vegetable stew and dumplings for Mrs Brayshaw at the Hive; Mrs Brayshaw said it was delicious!