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The School Games

This year Coney Hill have registered with the School Games.

The School Games provides schools with the opportunity to motivate and inspire young people across the country by building on existing practices to provide more opportunities for those currently not engaged in competitive sport at school.

The School games are made up of four levels of activity: competition in schools, between schools and at a county or national level.

Level 1: This year we have introduced a house system to enable competitive matches in school.

Level 2: Our children, across the school, have successfully competed against local schools in a number of events.

Level 3: Following their success in the rounders competition the rounders team competed in this years level 3 School Games Festival.

Sporting activities

The rounders team were nominated for the Level 3 Gloucestershire school sports award!


The School Games forthcoming events:

Trampoline Dodgeball – Monday 3rd July

OAA KS1 – Tuesday 4th July

FA girl’s football – Friday 7th July

KS1 Summer Multi Skills- Tuesday 11th July

SEND Athletics Thursday 13th July

Note: These dates may change.