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The Fluck Convalescent Fund

‘A Helping Hand’

Making Things Better Together!

What is The Fluck Convalescent Fund?

The Fluck Convalescent Fund is a registered charity which operates in Gloucestershire.

The trust was set up after the death of spinster Mary Elizabeth Fluck in 1927. She was a feminist who could see the disadvantages experienced by women and children, so left a large sum of money in trust.

From 1956, the scheme supported a fund to help poor convalescent women and children, which from 1974 was extended to include the sick poor of the city and adjoining parishes.

Grants are available for women and children (under the age of 16) who may be experiencing financial hardship or are sick, infirm or convalescing after illness, disease or surgical operations. To qualify they must be resident in the City of Gloucester or surrounding area.

To ensure grants are given to those most deserving, applications must be submitted by a responsible person, such as a doctor, health visitor, headteacher or practice nurse.

Mrs Lane and Mrs Brayshaw are members of the board of trustees along with Mr Peter Nesbitt (Chair) and 6 other members.